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“Are you a hired assassin?” – Mike Bamiloye asks ladies who dress seductively and dance sensually in church

Popular evangelist and filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye, has posed a question to ladies who dress seductively and dance sensually in church.

Taking to his social media page on Thursday, May 5, the clergyman asked ladies who ‘dress to kill’ to the place of worship the motive for their action.

He inquired as to whether or not they are hired assassins, given their intent to ‘kill’.

“You dressed seductively to church. You danced sensually to praises and worships in your short tight skirt and high heel shoes. You purposely ‘Dressed to kill’, Are you a hired assassin?” He asked.

See his post below,

In other news, Mike Bamiloye, has shared his thoughts on importance of using one’s platform to spread the Gospel.

According the filmmaker, those who have large followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, who aren’t using it to feed the followers with the “Word of Life,” will give an account for their pages someday.

In his words;

“If Multitudes Are Following You On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and You Have No Word of Life TO FEED Them, But Trashes and Dustbin Wastes, Living Them to Still Hunger For Word of Life, YOU ARE WASTING A PRECIOUS OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU WOULD STAND TO GIVE ACCOUNT FOR IN ETERNITY.”

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