After Elections, Some Governors & Officials Traveled To US, Their Visas Were Still Valid – Amb. Keshi

In the wake of the threats made by the United States Government that it was going to impose visa restrictions on certain persons who have been found to have engaged in electoral malpractice and rigging in the 2023 general elections, former Nigerian Consul-General to Atlanta, Ambassador Joe Keshi has called out the Joe Biden administration on its perceived lack of sincerity in naming and shaming those on its supposed list.  Continue Full Reading>>>

Speaking during an interview on ARISE TV a few hours ago, Keshi not only accused the US of not being sincere in naming the affected persons on its visa restriction list but also alleged that the American government was yet to enforce the so-called ban on violators of the electoral laws, months after the election was conducted.

He said; “Look, the list is very long. The videos are available and the newspaper reports are there for all to see. I can actually give the US a list, not names. The list includes state governors, it includes INEC Commissioners, it also includes Police Commissioners.  Continue Full Reading>>>

These are all people that have been named. The list also includes those who went about in Lagos ringing bells that whoever will not vote for a certain party should not come out. All these people violated electoral laws. I can tell you that the United States has such a list.

But even if they don’t, it does not make any difference to us just to say that you have imposed sanctions on people we do not even know. By the way, for your information, after the gubernatorial elections, quite a number of our officials left this country for the US and their excuse was that they were going there to rest.

Their visas were still working and they were still traveling in and out of the country. This is why the US needs to let us see the names on that list if they are truly serious with their threats.”


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