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Adamu Garba pulls down APC flag from his office after failing to buy the N100m presidential nomination form (video)

Nigerian politician and ex-presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, has taken down the APC flag in his office.

This comes days after he was unable to secure enough funds to purchase the N100 million presidential nomination and declaration of interest form of the party.

The controversial politician who begged Nigerians for money to purchase the N100 million form but was only able to raise N83 million before the deadline, have had to forfeit his presidential aspiration.

He took to his social media page to share a video of the moment he pulled down the APC flag from his office and wrote,

“We joined APC for the sake of Nigerians, now that all is not looking straight. We believe only Allah is the Guarantor & Grantor of Authority. He never ever gives up on a the betterment of humans. Trusting in Him, following His Guide, we bow out of APC in peace. The flag is down.”

Watch the video below,

A while ago, Adamu Garba took to social media to solicit for funds to enable him purchase the APC Presidential form which his set at One Hundred Million Naira.

Adamu, a strong supporter of the APC, was taken aback by the price of the form calling it Insensitive.

Taking to his Twitter page, he wrote;

I’ve made my life so transparent that if the young generations of Nigeria follow me on Business and Politics, you’ll find it easy to navigate and build on my successes and avoid my failures without the need for reading a book

Follow me. Somebody got to do this for our generation

Dear Nigerians,

My project with you has started. To those of you who made pledges of donation, here is the account number

*********** | Zenith

100M for the form is insensitive, but our collective contribution to get this form will send a strong signal that we care about Nigeria

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