According to Igho Akeregha, “Major Countries in the World Have Not Yet Recognized Tinubu’s Victory”

According to Igho Akeregha, "Major Countries in the World Have Not Yet Recognized Tinubu's Victory"

Igho Akeregha, a member of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, has voiced his worries about the responses coming in the wake of Nigeria’s presidential election from important nations around the world. Igho talked about Nigeria’s exclusion during his interview on AIT about Kamala Harris’ journey to Africa.

Igho spoke on the subject and stated,

“The APC presidential candidate, Tinubu, allegedly won the election. I used the word “alleged” because the victory is still being disputed by other candidates. Yes, the FG has insisted that he will be sworn in on May 29. However, Tinubu’s victory has not been acknowledged by major countries across the world…… CONTINUE READING

He added, “I am quite concerned about how we conduct controversial elections shrouded in mystery, then later struggle for recognition. This situation is even more concerning as the election outcome is being challenged by two major parties. The US Vice President, Kamala Harris, is in Africa, and she will be visiting neighboring countries except Nigeria. She was in Ghana, where she met with their president about global issues, and it made me concerned about our global standing. Obasanjo gave us international clout, and he stood shoulder to shoulder with other presidents during his tenure. They respected Obasanjo.

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