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5 simple ways to make your wife ready for intimacy with asking her

5 simple ways to make your wife ready for intimacy with asking her

5 simple ways to make your wife ready for intimacy with asking her

Intimacy is one of the most vital parts of a healthy marriage. It boosts emotional and physical connections between spouses. It also has health benefits for the spouses.

For men who are usually turned down by their women when they want to have a nice time, I’ve compiled a list of 5 tips that can help you.

Simply go through them below!
1.Do that thing that she has been asking you for a long time without her asking again.


When a lady is happy, she can do everything for her husband. This is a tip that every husband should know. And this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give her what she needs at the right time.

2. Wear sweatpants.


This is also one of the tips of making your wife get in the mood of having intimacy. Most of the husbands have a piece of clothing that their wives love. For some men, it may be pants, jackets, or shirts. Whatever it is, wear it to turn your wife on

 3. Send her a text.


This doesn’t have to be flirty text or dirty text, although they are good at times. A text to let your wife know that she’s on your mind can help a lot. Also, think outside the — does your wife have an appointment or a meeting next week? Set a reminder on your phone so that you will text her before the meeting. This shows that you listened to her, and you care about her. And remember that ladies can go to any lengths for men that love them, listen to them, and care for them

  4.Cook dinner.


Sometimes, try to take the role of a wife. Cook food for the family or cook her favorite food. If you can’t cook, branch a restaurant on your way home and buy her favorite food.


5. Do the tasks that your wife does around the house that she doesn’t enjoy.


Think about what your wife hates doing at home, and do it without telling her. Sometimes, stress and depression are the reasons why some women deny their men in bed

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