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PLEASE HELP! My Ex-Girlfriend Is Disturbing Me, What Should I Do?

Hello dear readers, how are you and how has your day been? So early this year, my babe broke up with me.

According to her, she told me there is a man who is asking her hand for marriage and her parent has already given her the go-ahead to marry d man..

She told me the man is rich and promise to buy her car, bla-bka-bla so I told her there is no problem, she can go ahead since am not ready yet after all am just a shoe-maker still waiting for my NYSC.

Bt of lately like last two weeks this babe started disturbing me that we should come and she is sorry.

Well I don’t know how she get to know that my mum lent me 600k to start up, of wish am doing well now by his “Grace” and at the same time-serving my country presently.

So according to her, she say the man just only wanted to sleep with her and because she refuse and told the man to wait till after their wedding the man broke up with her…as it stands now I don’t really know what to do.

Please, What Should I Do?

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