“28 people died in 2023 elections but 800 in 2011” – Tinubu reveals

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President-elect Bola Tinubu has revealed that approximately 28 people died during the 2023 General Elections, compared to the 2011 elections.  Continue Full Reading>>>

This statement was made by the representatives of the President-elect, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Mr. Festus Keyamo, who is the Chief spokesperson and Minister of State for Labor, Mr. Sunday Dare, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Mr. Ajuri Ngelale, Assistant Principal Spokesperson, during the Parley held with the international media at the National Press Center in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

In his words, Mr. Festus Keyemo said; “Whilst we look forward to an era when there would be no single casualty during elections in Nigeria, however, the statistics show that 2023 recorded the lowest casualty rates ever.  Continue Full Reading>>>

During the 1964/65 elections about 200 deaths were recorded as a result of election violence; the 1993 election recorded 100 deaths; the 1999 election recorded 80 deaths; the 2003 polls recorded 100 deaths and the 2007 polls recorded 300 deaths.

“The 2011 polls recorded 800 deaths, the 2015 polls recorded 100 deaths and the 2019 polls recorded 150 deaths. However, the 2023 polls recorded no more than 28 deaths as a result of election violence. So, the claim that this is the “worst” election so far is totally unfounded.”

Speaking to the media, President-elect Tinubu’s spokesperson touched on some election-related casualties while highlighting the results of the vote.However, some Nigerians have expressed anger towards the comparison made.

@Adewale johnson commented; “So he is justifying the killing??? Let be on record that Tinubu is saying this We will refer to this Twitter in years to come”.

@Nath also said; “The 800 people died because of one man. Now we compare deaths”.

@Anthony also wrote: “He said the death is not enough I’m done “.

@Stanley: “Is dying part of an electoral process since we now compare deaths?”.

@Folarin_Bobo: “So it should be a competition….. useless people.”

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