Mission support


Mission support

What is Mission? Must every believer go to the mission field? Does it mean you cannot be actively involved in mission if you are not in mission field? What is mission support and why should i support mission? These and many more questions keep pleading for answers.
Mission means our committed participation in God’s assigned task for the redemption of his creation. It is the heartbeat of God. Donald McGavarn defines mission as “all those activities whose dominant purpose is world evangelization. Christian mission means letting men know God’s plan for the salvation of the world and urging them to accept it.
Mission target nation ( ethnic group ) through individual, across language , cultural, religious and geographic barriers. From the very foundation of the world, God has been the great initiator of mission as vividly portrayed in the acts of God in both the old and new testaments.
A mission is a set of tasks that fulfills a purpose or duty. It is obvious from the above scripture, that there are those that go ( mission goer, missionary) and those who send ( mission sender). Both the GOER and SENDER are two halves of a team that God uses to extend and establish his kingdom worldwide. They encourage one another, pray for each other and share progress and challenges. Through their partnership, God is glorified and both parties are strengthened in their vision and mission.
To support means to bear all or part of the weight of some thing to hold up, give assistance and to provide something necessary especially financially. Hence mission support means to give active help and encouragement to sustain to work of mission and to assist the work of mission financially.
*It is a commandment.
*The unreached can be reached when we volunteer ourselves or our resources.
*Laborers are few but the harvest is plenteous. We are to play a part in the process of planting, watering and reaping the harvest.
*Giving for the cause of the gospel is a safe investment that is of eternal signifance
*It is highly rewarding. There is great reward in the things that have eternal value.
*Missionaries depend on church, organization and believers. Full time missionaries depend on prayer, encouragement and financial support to meet spiritual, emotional and physical needs, so they they can give themselves fully to the work of spreading the gospel. Paul accepted contribution from other churches so he could serve the church in Corinth at no cost . had paul not received any support, would the churches in Corinth ever have been planted ? Would the church in Rome have understood the grace of God? Would there have been even half as many churches in the New testament era than there were?
*prayer and care: pray for missionaries regularly. Ask for specific prayer points and be diligent enough to pray.
*Commit to regular financial support: consistently sacrifice in giving financially for missions.
*Offer missionaries/ missionary organization service fee of charge such as medical, counselling, internet, printing etc
*volunteer/ organize for a visit on short term, when on leave or holidays.
*Work in mission hospital / organization.

*adopt missionary families, fees and projects.

*Help creates awareness in your organization / church about missionary efforts around the world.

The role of support for the mission cannot be overemphasized. A little act of support and commitment here or there can go a long way in establishing God’s kingdom on earth. Let us allow ourselves to be used of God for missions’ support because missions still remains the heartbeat of God.


not on him the nature of angels, not the lust for equality with God not on Him a royal reputation, nor the comeliness of a son. fashioned in the likeness of a man, he spelt the glory that girl our eye one man upon a city advancing divinity in disguise. Falling beneath our sorrows. Serving death at the cross, his body the bloody sacrifice for a harvest of righteous ones. AMD these upon the earth bearing the yoke of his will, spring to declare his kingdom In the day of the power. He died for all so that all who live having received eternal life from him, might live no longer for themselves but to spend their lives pleasing who died and rose again for them.


That God would grant us more passion for his work and teach us to see the work as his work indeed

*that we could have less stress in getting permission to leave the campus for outreaches.

*we trust his provision for a bus and generator to ease mission activities.

*that God would keep the souls won for himself from the outreaches.

* we pray that God will touch the hearts of people to see mission as more just outreaches.

* that God puts a genuine hunger in the hearts of people to care about the eternal well – being of others.

* for constant journey mercies as we travel to and fro and also provision and open heaven always.

More often that not, our love of God will be tested to see where it falls in our scale of preference and priorities. God’s commandment to us is to love him with our heart, soul and strength, so he will always check to see if we are living it out as he expects us to. After serving them breakfast, Jesus turned to Simon peter and said : “Simon son of John do you love me more than these? To what was Jesus referring?: peter was quite attached to fishing. So it seemed that Jesus was asking him where his true affection laid. Did he have greater affection for the fish and the fishing business than for Jesus and His Kingdom, in response, peter said “yes lord, you know I have affection for you. What can we learn from the words that Jesus spoke to peter?. We need to be careful not to allow our love for Christ weaken, and allow ourselves be distracted from kingdom interest.

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