Be a new wine in the society


Be a new wine in the society

New wine
Onward lookers in confusion, the scene blends with the amused and the po faced as they see their most couth man in one of his often avoided public states. The news has gone on pigeon’s beak as the state of one man who was knocked off his orbit now seems to be making loud waves. His edifice of self – aggrandizement and seeming calmness raised with all sense of courtesy as well as denial of “real face” at several points has been brought low by one careless moment. He is intoxicated.
The ambience surrounding the normal man is one given to civility and serenity, attaining dormancy when the will of God is to be brought to the fore, often hinged on the idea of doing things in wisdom, especially when he ( the man ) is the leading it on. Suddenly his hyperactive mind, in its most natural state, get paralyzed. It is not trained to hold on the baton in running God’s lane, from consistency in personal commitment on righteous living, to faithfulness in our assignment as believers, more specifically, in the health sector. It seems to be more of an inability, with history of pervious falls, than a state of cowardice or naivety. It then just submits to remaining civilized.
It is common knowledge that every unbeliever retains this state, weak in executing Gods will. On the other hand, for the believer, at every point he perceives God’s will there is a luring by the spirit of God to break off this state and actively pursue what is revealed. Unfortunately, being saved doesn’t guarantee walking in God’s will, it only brings about the possibility for negotiation in the mind. Hence, the mind may still remain indolent in reaching out to God’s will.
We have been called to establish a Christian witness, oftentimes we subtly excuses our unwillingness to reach out as it seems not to be a priority yet, probably because there’s no fire within pushing us out of our comfort zones. God has put in place a therapy to overcome this inertia of the mind, His spirit. He has placed a call to be filled with the spirit, as it is this state that we can be fully yielded to him, his intent becomes our, the strength to leave our human self to a higher energy level where we so easily say “YES” is communicated to us.
As we give ourselves to consistency in prayers and God’s word, we can be sure to be overtaken by the new wine, the fullness and freshness of his spirit. We will see the world stand in awe of the possibilities of Christ’s life in us, fanned into flames by the spirit of God as was the account of the apostle.
The unsaved state of the world, the unrighteousness of the acts of men, the hardness of the heart of the vile man within and outside the health sector, seems to await our intoxication. Stop blaming them them because they have been shown little or no alternatives from the lips of conviction. We give them an option in reaching out from a filled state. In the end we will stand to answer, ” to what end was your calmness about the message of Christ” .

Living in the power of the Holy Spirit starts when you get before God. James 4:8 talks about this when James says, “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” This first step is all about intentionality. It’s about you living as if God’s presence is so important for you that you get up early to spend time with God. Mark 1:35 tells us Jesus himself got up early in the morning to pray and spend time with the Father. If we want to live in the power of the Spirit, we have to start in God’s presence on a regular basis, and that takes intentionality. Don’t be surprised if God’s power seems to be lacking in your life if you never make it a priority to get before God. Carve time out of your day to speak to Him, stop everything, completely unplug, get still, get quiet, and get before God. That’s the first step to living in the power of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is often the forgotten member of the Trinity. Christians all know about God, we study about Jesus every week in church, but the Holy Spirit? Not so much. Some choose to reject Him completely and live the Christian life as if the Holy Spirit doesn’t exist. Others seem to glamorize one or two ecstatic experiences above all others and reduce the Holy Spirit to cheap parlor tricks in a worship service.

But one thing we can’t escape as Christians is that Jesus himself pointed to the Holy Spirit and told His disciples to live in the power of the Spirit, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you,” (Acts 1:8). What follows that commandment in the book of Acts is a movement unlike anything the world had seen in which a group of ragtag followers of Jesus lived lives of explosive power and turned their world upside down. That same power and potential of the Holy Spirit still exists today for all believers, but we seem to be missing it. A quick survey of Christians and churches could tell all of us that too many don’t seem to be living in the dynamic world-changing power of the Holy Spirit. So how do we do get back to that? How can we see what happened in the book of Acts happen today? What does it look like on a practical level to live in the power of the Spirit everyday? Here are five ways, and to help you remember they spell out the word G.H.O.S.T. (for Holy Ghost). If you want to be filled with the Spirit, you need to empty yourself first. God won’t fill you with His Spirit if you’re already full of yourself. One thing you’ll find in Scripture is that God hates pride. James 4 talks about this as well, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:6, 10).

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