My Experience during lockdown


The day was a Sunday. I have been indoors in accordance with the dictates of the church as a way of checking the spread of Corona virus. Having celebrated the resurrection of the Lord in my own little way, I decided to visit the chapel as the partial interdict did not deter us from going to the chapel.

As I opened the door of my room for the first time since the lockdown, I was greeted warmly by a gist of wind that made me think the lockdown was unnecessary. In a jiffy, I took my bath, wore my black pair of trousers and then a Chelsea jersey top with ‘CVC’ at the back in black ink. Pronto, I slipped into my brown sandals and stood in front of the adult sized mirror just beside the jamb of my window. As I stated at the mirror forgetting the admonishment of Mason Cooley, ‘ don’t stare into the mirror when you are trying to solve a problem,’ I noticed I had emaciated as a result of the lockdown. My plumpy face had reduced to a skinny one, my slightly bulging eyes had become contracted that I barely saw my eyeballs. My chocolate complexion tilted a bit to dark. Though I was not that fleshy, I could see all my veins both at my forehead and hands clearly. The only thing that remained unchanged on my bonce was my pointed nose and my height. After staring at myself for as long as I considered enough time, I stepped out of my room, locked the door and proceeded to the church.

I had not gone very far when I perceived the frosty ambience of the vicinity. Everywhere was quiet. It dawned on me that I hadn’t seen any mortal since I left my room. ‘Where were my neighbours?’ An atmosphere of fear enveloped me in tandem. Just immediately, I saw a car coming from the opposite direction. I was about heaving a sigh of relief when the driver of the red car popped out his head and began laughing at me as he drove off. I trembled because the laughter wasn’t ordinary. It was the kind that welcomed an enemy into a trap. I made the sign of the cross and moved on. In no time, I was at the church.

As I reached the gate, I could not help running into the chapel as echoes of the devilish laughter kept haunting me. It got worse with me in the chapel. ‘Jesus save me,’ I muttered. Gripped by fear, I rounded off my prayers for home.
After a second thought I believed the parish priest would help bind whatever that was after me, so I hastily headed for the parish house. Ad I turned towards the parish house, I stopped hearing the echoes. ‘Wasn’t something fishy???’ Since I was not a mystic, I remained oblivious of the imminent.

As I entered the parish house compound, I heard , ‘hahahaha’ behind me. Fear in plethora returned. It was so real this time that I ran upstairs to the priest’s flat. ‘Father father help me!!!!!’ I screamed as I banged on his door. The invisible being kept coming closer. The door soon gave way and I found my self in the priest’s parlor devoid of the priest. I dashed into his bedroom screaming his name but still met his absence. I checked his bathroom but he was not there. I felt my manhood give way and soon my undies became soaked coupled with my whole body which has been drenched by sweat, the echoes returned switch a message of, ‘you are in Soup.’

The fear of the unknown coupled with my panicky state made m beat down the door of his ‘white House.’ What I saw piled on the already existing gloom. Before me was the priest drowned in an ocean of his blood. I become electrocuted to a spot as though the popular DC actor Flash struck me with electricity.

‘Hahahaha, aren’t you so unfortunate?’ This was behind me. I turned abruptly and saw the man who was in the red car relaxed on a couch beside the priest’s bed. ‘Wu…Wu…who are you?’ I stuttered. ‘ I do not have much time left, hear this o mortal.’ Then he began,
‘the Justice of the unjust remains unjustifiable by any form of Justice. Ask the masses why they play possum to the jiggery-pokery of their leaders. Tell the masses to stop huffing and puffing as they shower praises on their bad leaders, rather they should reject the topsy turvy life and deracinate these bad leaders from offices as they are unworthy. Tell them that their bamboozlement into living higgledy piggledy by their so called government officials can be stopped if only they are determined.’
‘ as to who I am, I am Corona virus of page 169 of your modern Biology whom you call COVID 19. I’m responsible for the death of your priest, your neighbours and many others you will soon find out. You are privileged to be among the few to survive. As you resume your normal activities, tell others that if you do not cease worshipping your bad leaders, then I shall return with a legion of viruses to destroy. End bad governance! End bad governance! End bad governance!’

He began laughing, I just looked on. As I looked on, he began to transmute to a shrink being. I could liken his appearance to leprechaun encountered in Irish stories. His eyes became as big as avocado pears, his two horns and tail emerged while his ears became as big as the rounded opening of the mortar. I wanted to run believing he was going to kill me but I could do nothing but quake at the spot where I was standing. After complete transformation, his voice vibrated,’ do not fail me.’ As his last words echoed, smoke took his place as he disappeared. Only God can tell how I got home that day.

If even inanimate things feel the pain of being led by bad officials, why then can we not do something about it? Though only few believed me the first time but before I knew it the few told their friends to tell their friends to tell their friends and together we all clamour for good governance.
A government in which both the leaders and the led all live comfortably. End bad governance!!!!!

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