Understanding the meaning of love

Kingsley for the time in his life felt that he was in love with Jennifer.
One day he approached Jennifer and told her ( Jennifer). I think am in love with you. Jennifer replied, you think? Then Kingsley ( jabbering ) No! No!! No!!! I don’t think I love you, I really love you. Then Jennifer asked” how do you know you are in love with me ?
Love is a word that has made people to laugh or cried, grace people or disgraced people, people to be fame or ashamed, people to be in earth or in hell, killed people and love has made people to be alive. Love can be nice and wicked to you base on your personal perspective.
Lets check out the different between love and infatuation. As love is a four letter words what differentiates love from infatuation is just three words “die”, love does not die no matter the storm is much; Another distinction between love and infatuation is “doubt” when you are in love, you doubt – it will be like a dream but in infatuation there is no doubt there is no dream, you are certain that you love that person, you are crazy about the person. Another distinction between love and infatuation is “free sight” when you see the person you love for the first time, there is every tendency or possibility that you will never appreciate him or her, some even fight or quarrel at the first meeting but in infatuation, appreciation starts immediately.
Furthermore, is distinction between love and infatuation is time for love to start it take time but in infatuation things happen so fast. More still, the distinction love and infatuation is reason, you have no reason to fall in love, you must not know why you are dying for the partner, in fact , whenever you are reasonless then you are in love but in infatuation, you must have Reason or reason depending.
” Love respects your heart desire, love is natural , if you force yourself into love, love will force you out;
Majority of families are not in love rather they are wallowing in infatuation. You look into inner attribute not outer attribute, some men marry because of beauty and not character forgetting the fact that you don’t eat beauty but character. The sinews between man and woman is character and not beauty or handsome, for all that glitters are not gold and not every man is destined to marry a beautiful woman.
God has a reason for creating both beautiful SHF ugly women. Some men go after a tall girl as if those who are below the average height are not human being. One other thing which is not far from the truth is the way some group of women engage in a fight over a wealthy man. I think the main thing is to identify what give you joy, what gives you joy might not be in your world of fantasies.
One thing with love is that it gives warning concerning your relationships, if it will either help you or harm you, but at times we are not sensitive because because most of us agreed that LOVE is blind and LOVE overcomes all difficulties. People are in the condition they are because they refuse to adhere to warnings. What are you doing with the person that doesn’t respect you, someone that beat you and hurts you? Instead of quitting you, you refuse just because you are dating a wealthy man or a beautiful lady, more still, you might affirm that it has been long you have been dating, therefore, the world would laugh at you, you now used the world to betray and deny your self a permanent happiness.

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