Living in paradise

one question to ask is “what we desire is what we get in return”
It is an earnest prayer for both man and woman to have a happy and fulfilled family. But at time we become the instrument of destruction to our desired and dreamt home. We refer the ugly incidents that happen in our family to the work of Satan, the question is, who has seen Satan? The Satan, you and I have seen or know are human being.
Who are human being ?
Despite your societal, social, spiritual, Economic and physical level, if your family is a pitiable condition then your character is questionable
“Family is the smallest country on its own”
Family forms the destiny of the future, so whenever the families fail, then the larger country is affected and the future is not secured and safe. Even jesus came from a family , God have the power to mystify the birth of Jesus Christ by not having either father or mother, but he had Joseph as his father and Mary as his mother.
It is alarming and catastrophic that most marriage especially marriage of the book worm, influence and affluence people are in a die hard phenomenon as a result of lack of respect, forgiveness, unfaithfulness, and understanding that characterized their family.
Our society has been affected negatively, the youth are languishing in moral decadence and our countries are criminally brandished, there is acrimony, anarchy is not left out, Boko haramism and terrorism give no comfort, religious blackmail in the church and mosque and both the old and the young are dressed in fear, hatred, greed and want, giving human solace in God for human habitation is full of fear- no one know what will happen next and these and many more evil that breath on earth are as a result of broken family, divorced family and single parents.
All over the streets, you see thrown babies, our motherless baby home are filled with babies that might never know their parents in the future and our unrespectable respected health workers are busy sending our future leaders to the world beyond through abortion, bastard are everywhere, child abuses are now part of life and the church and the society now see marriage as a lucrative business, these are as a result of the failed nature of the family
This is a period where a married man may have about ten or more concubines outside their martial home, sugar mummies and Daddy are on the increase. Some individual actually pray for their partner to die so that it will give them the room to engage in a new relationship which seems to them as awaiting Paradise.
A period where few months after marriage, the couples who should in their honeymoon, will convert their honeymoon into a dark moon. This time women don’t disclose to her husband how much she earns as a salary, likewise some husband does not tell his wife his account number or even the ATM pin. A period where where before a man performs his marital duty ie have sex with his wife, he has to buy a gift for his wife .
Family is a home, so it is our duty to make our home a paradise. In paradise, everything you want is there, therefore whatever you will need need to reconcile your difference with your partner in this post.

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