Knowing the meaning of sacrifice

Sacrifice is all about displeasing yourself to please another person. Four years old boy was gelling his friend how his parents b4 sacrifice to each other and his friend asked him, what is sacrifice? The little boy answered, sacrifice is having sleepless night for another to sleep.
“Sacrifice is the physical appearance of the manifestation of your love”
It is the height of your sacrifice that showcase the height of your love to another. Apparently, you cannot sacrifice to whom you don’t love, so it is only love that establishes sacrifice.
A complainment can never be in love or maintain the atmosphere of love, a selfish human being has no abode in the world of love, a tricky person is a slave in the world of love and also a calculator, calculate had I know in the terrain of love. The heart that can sacrifice is a determined heart that is not afraid of what tomorrow shall bring. In other word’s, it is a heart that that does not yield for pay back.
It was the sacrifice of Adam to eve that landed man to ad- infinite problem that man faces and yet the scripture did not tell us that after Adam’s mistake, he divorced EVE. So what it means is that Adam and Eve even after leaving the Garden of Eden they were living happily like husband and wife, the height if sacrifice was seen in the marriage of Adam and Eve but what we see in these contemporary marriage I’d slightest mistake tearing the marriage apart.
“Men and woman that enjoy their marriage have A price they pay”
It is only sacrifice that will make you not to see your partner as a punch bag, it is only sacrifice that can put an end to misunderstanding, it Is only sacrifice that can Make you stop treating your partner as a maid or slave and it is only sacrifice that family storm cannot carry. Sacrifice cannot work out where there is not understanding that reasons to sacrifice becomes glaring. Understanding and sacrifice move in the directions
So a family you see no sacrifice then there is no understanding. More still sacrifice goes along with your sense; they are:
Sacrifice how you look, talk, think, give humor or joke. You can as well sacrifice your intelligent because your partner might not bear it sacrifice your temperature because it might be heavy on your partner.
complete sacrifice : means when you have done your best to the greatest degree possible. In complete sacrifice every stone is left touched. Another name for complete sacrifice is unconditional sacrifice. Then what is invoked is a sacrifice not trained.
Incomplete sacrifice: means a world perception of sacrifice whereby you don’t sacrifice in vain and that is why you could see a marriage of twenty year breaking because the condition for entering into that marriage is either broken or destroyed.
Incomplete sacrifice is a sacrifice done with two eyes opened while complete sacrifice is a sacrifice that occurs with two eye closed .

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