Life facts that can make you have a rethink

I sent my car for service in preparation for my trip to Lagos since Tuesday. The vehicle was not returned until yesterday been Friday evening.
I was annoyed with the mechanic for delaying my planned trip but in a way, I was happy he brought the car for me to leave this morning.
So I decided to drive around to be sure that the car is in a good condition for the trip, this was about 7:30pm.. I drove up to the Game village traffic junction and the car stopped. I was tried of starting it and it won’t start, so I parked it and called the mechanic, tho he was gone but I had to call him to come by to pick the car.
So I decided to start the car once more and BOOM!!!! The car burst out into flames and i ran out of the car in confusion and shock. The next stage of this mishap is the reason for my narrative.
From the moving traffic I saw men and boys park their cars and were rushing my car with their fire extinguishers, some where struggling to open the bonnet. from a building inside games village, I heard women screaming and passing buckets of water, bags of detergents. I saw a guy removing his T-shirt, soaked it in water and was trying to open The bonnet with fire covering his hands.
In all this, I was standing by a tree, dumbfounded with my eyes staring into space, till I saw the flames go out eventually and I heard someone asked.. Where is the owner of the car?
It was then and only then that I stepped forward and found myself being hugged and consoled by strangers, Nigerians,Christian,traditionalist, Muslims and may be other atheist.
All joined to wish me well and they turned to their cars or homes one after the other. The last being the guy who suffers a deep cut on his leg when he was helping out.
As soon as he left, I turned to see what was left in the car and I counted 13 thirteen fire extinguishers that were used, other items that were used and also the charred remains of someone’s T-shirt that was used..
Just when tears started forming in my eyes, I noticed I was not alone there, there were two policemen who helped to salvage the burning car and have chosen to remain with me till I get family and friends to come take me away.
At that moment, my belief that a new Nigeria will come and I will be a proud Nigerian.

in some cares, what people do matters a lot to people affected in one way or the other but they don’t know. If Nigerians should come together and join heads to make peace among themselves, belief me this country will change for good and this will start from various families, then the community once there is peace within the families and community then this change we are talking about will take immediate effect .


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