Tackling vocational crisis

Tackling vocational crisis and apathy among catholic youth in Nigeria.

Globally, vocational crisis and apathy among the youth has become a flickering wound. There is no doubt that in Nigeria; our youth encounter difficulties in determining the type of work or way of life suitable for them. It is noteworthy that the success of some well known individual in the society today is a result of latter vocation discernment
What is Vocational crisis?
Vocational crisis and apathy can be simply put as a situation whereby there is great danger, difficulty,confusion, and negligence in the type of work of life that you believe is especially suitable for you
Cause of vocational crisis
Societialstigma : when feelings of disapproval or mark of rejection is cast on a youth, it can lead to vocational crisis. For instance, if a student is expelled from an Institution he experience some forms of dissociation from he society and causes setback on vocation
Talent discernment : some youth pursue various vocation which they do not possess the talent. Nigeria is generally in crisis because of this a student may like to be a medial doctor while he lacks the knowledge of chemistry and biology. The inability of the youth to know,recognize or understand their talents contributes greatly to vocational crisis.
Economic setback: when an individual wants to enroll in an institution of learning, establishment of an enterprise or other forms of business but he lacks the fundamental aspect of it which is the capital required he may end up suffering vocational crisis.

Coming to the society where we all know that money is all that leads and rules the world now, if you don’t have it then forget about whatever you want to get . imagine A student with a bright future wasting at home because he or she can’t pay the bills for school.
Tribalism and Racism: Racism can be described as the unfair treatment of people the unfair treatment of people who they belong to a different race and this is in existence among the white and black whereby the blacks are treated Unfair by the white people

A lot of black Americans has lost there life’s to the white and it is very bad because of the different skin color . no understand within us.

Background of the family .some individuals has did as there default and it may not be there fault. Sometimes, the parents may refuse him or her meeting up with their choices and making them select the ones they the parents choose for them thereby terminating his or her vocational call.

You will see this cases when the only child of the family wants to be a catholic priest and for the parents to protect and keep their linkage moving they will refuse the choice their child made and force the child to accept their own choice thereby going to marry and this normally lead to problem in the family.


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