Things that might affect the future

The scandalous and wayward life of Jane was fanned into the University of cikamox Mekante. As the only child, Jane was being showered from the outpour of the riches of her parents. Her innocent minded parents never knew what news surrounding her choice of way of life that they cherish and love her tenderly and cared fr her as though she was sent from the heights of heaven. the latency of her scandalous behavior was ignited by her course in the University, she was a music student.
After one night performance at the stage in an honourable occasion like night party organised by the music department, her sonorous solo singing melodious and attractive voice went thrilling in Alex ears. This ignited in him an uncontrollable smouldering embers of a lovely fire. He hardly waited fr her to descend the stage before he approached her and could not help introducing himself to her with their strangeness to one another as Alex even tried to take her home.
All efforts to take her home was just a fertile venture. Jane started feeling for Alex after the did was done. This feeling was so keen that she fell fully in love with Alex.
As their relationship passed by river of days flowing into ocean of months, it was discovered that Jane has been put into family way. Due to the fact that he has spent a lot of time with her.. he decided to marry her. Jane wanted to refuse but she had no options because the pregnancy was already 5 months old. In view of this they planned to inform Jane s parents because Alex is an orphan. Her parents were mad at her, they lambasted her out of the house also went further in disowning her. Jane’s dreams were shattered, the foot of her mind was shacking fast but she stood hard on the rick of fate that is for the fact that she trusted that Alex will never pull her down. Alex went fixing a date for marriage without the support of the parents of his bride The unexpected happened on the fixed date. As the day of their wedding was approaching the two couple were so much ecstatic and elated, so that one cannot notice any segmented behavior between them. on the day, everything was prepared in a grand style, famous musicians with their flashy automated cars arranged in one corner of Alex apartment. when Alex came out with Jane to attend their wedding mass, the compound became lousy due to how lovely the couple looked. in fact, they became the admirable eyes of all. Jane was escorted by a hummer jeep while Alex was in Toyota venza to everybody s chagrin, when they reached the appointed destination, the venza in which Alex was in got missing.
people started making calls here and there to know what the matter is all about, but his line was off. Jane s foit melted, her fate withered like a bread fruit tree, she could not cry, she could only find ger needs of death. it was late, night time to begin the gathering, the shattered and bothered rounds of her loosed existence Under this disheartening situation, Jane s phone became alive by Alex s voice that came, she wasted no time in picking the call Alex’s voice came cold through the network “I am sorry darling for this shameful deed, but the ugly pictures of ur recent past life, I have found my missing rib, Christabel” That name sounded like a thunder storm in Jane s ear drum. Her mind within a second ran round the whole experiences she had in her past before striking to that of christabel.
Christabel has been noticing some changes in her boyfriend, she started wondering where she has gone wrong, but she can’t imagine any fault at all. The matter worsened when he stopped calling on phone and whenever her calls, the line will go off after some seconds of beckoning The whole secrets were exposed to the sunshine when she caught Jane and her boyfriend in a dark corner rolling tongues together. Christabel was at the point running mad, she decided to commit suicide but was saved by a young man surveying his newly bought land. from that day onwards she started planning on how to demolish Jane what beams her imaginations was how they both came together. it came like a shock when he remembered seeing christabel discussing with her fiancee. it was then dawned on her what she has done to herself. For her there is no hope, if there is any then it seems to her to be some where beyond earth. Thus she sprinted out in a surprising speed into a near by busy tarred road all the efforts made to call her was in vain. Coincidentally, a black tinted jeep hurdled with a great force which nearly caused the car to stumble. within the expiration of few seconds two couples came out of the car. Lo and behold it was Jane s parents. imagine the pains and sorrow that transpired between parents and child on her tattered wedding gown, looking haggard. Jane stood speechless gazing at her parents with mouth agape. within some minutes a hot ball of tears started rolling down from her eyes finding its ways to her cheek…….

Many today are obsessed with the latest fashion, electric gadget, and so forth. Therefore each Christian regularly needs to examine his own desire by asking himself questions such as have materials things become so important to me that I spend more time researching and thinking about the latest cars or fashion than I do having fellowship with God? Have I become so preoccupied with the everyday affair of life that I spend less time praying or reading the bible. If we realize that our love for material things is eclipsing our love for Christ, we should reflect on Jesus word ” Guard against every sort of greed” why did Jesus give that serious warning “….

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