The growing immorality among youths

The growing immorality among youth
Taking a glance at the contemporary church ad it concerns the youth and immorality; it will be discovered that the youths have already dived into the ocean of immorality and no one seems to care about the high rate of the moral decadence in the society and worst still in the contemporary church.
Some immoral behaviors
Owning to the fact the rate if immorality among the youth has risen to the climax. Youth now indulge in many immoral activities which put a threat to their live and hinder their response to the youth apostolate. Includes;
Immodest dressing
When we delve unto contemporary church’s matter as it concerns immortality, we will discover that greater percentage of our youth especially the female counterparts now dress indiscriminately even around the church porch. They wear trousers, miniskirt just to lure men to themselves
Causes of immorality among youths
Infidelity of parents: they come into play when a man or a woman is not faithful to his/her spouse. When the parents are not showing good example to their wards it will go a long way in making their children to be flirting around with opposite sex.

Immorality can be passed from a parents to the child and in this case nothing can heal it and prevent in the offspring.

So to do is to prevent sex all the time and by doing this things will change and also include family planning because it will help regulate the number of children coming into the world.
Sex education: the youth of the church can be channeled towards the right direction through sex education which will inculcate good moral in the youths and will make them to know the dangers of sexual immoralities. This days parents and church priest don’t think it is important to educate the growing youths in this sex education because of this modern age of technology and this has an immeasurable effect on a child who lacks the knowledge and it can lead to wanted pregnancy for the girls and also different types of diseases for the boys and this disease is found in both genders

When they don’t know that condom can prevent this unnecessary disease like std and HIV/AIDS ..
Good parental care : the menace of sexual immoralities can be curbed to the minimum if the youths have good parental training and role model whose lives are worthy of emulation. The role model a will also serve as resource personnel that will reach the youth. Once the parents watch are limited trust me the children will surely misbehave even if it is not immorality they will start doing bad things. But in a situation everything is in control by the parents then things will be okay.

Peer influence: in most cases you will discover that friends are also another object that leads to this immorality among themselves because if your friend is a sex addict then you will be the second of them all . you will be involved in all activities involved in immorality .
Not minding the fact that we live in a morally decadent world, the church still deems it necessary to bring back to the consciousness of the youth who have been led astray by the trending immorality sex, and related activities..

Parents will inflict corporal punishment (viewed in many countries as inhumane) on their children in an attempt to conform them to obedience and decent behaviour.

A bank will provide financial contributions to charities in need and sponsor sporting events, from the profits it earns from unethical predatory lending practices.

I remember when I was working at a particular financial institution, my manager would encourage us to divide the total amount owing on a one-year loan by 11, and then advertise this 11 month payment plan to the unsuspecting client as them getting 1 month payment free.

This very same institution provided sponsorship to minor league sporting events. Is it moral to commit immoral acts in order to achieve a moral result? The underlying question is:  “Do the ends justify the means?”

Essentially, it’s either good, or it is bad; black or white, right or wrong. These are the alternate choices to describe the polarized and prevalent nature of our beliefs and ideas.

Though we are always taught that good is what we should aspire to be and the bad is what we should avoid, sometimes it’s the bad that seems more appealing.

Immorality is defined as the quality of not being in accordance with right or good standards of conduct. Traits commonly associated with immorality involve behaviours such as selfishness, ignorance, neglect, and (harm).

Harm is parenthesized because not every immoral action is perceived to have consequences that will cause eventual harm to someone. Many people argue that, if an act doesn’t harm others, then it cannot be immoral.

This is not a convincing premise to some religious sects who believe that homosexuality, although not harmful to anyone, is still deemed an immoral act.

As children, we were taught that there were only two things in this world: good and bad. We face these choices in various forms throughout our lives; sometimes going through bad experiences in order to achieve a good result.

Moral relativism

While choosing the immoral path may seem a bad choice, it is important to understand that immorality is subjective and relative to one’s own perception.

Nowadays the definition of morality is made by the person according to their own perception of the individual, place or thing. This is called moral relativism. This basically refers to a particular individual’s perception of the correct ideals, principles and lifestyle. The moment the word ‘perception’ comes into the picture, one must understand that these opinions we maintain and discuss are completely our own, influenced by people, places and our own experiences.

What constitutes immorality, therefore, is also a set of behaviour that someone perceive is wrong and has manipulated the same ideals and values into the minds of others.

The problem with moral relativism is that mankind will never agree on what is moral or immoral, and many people will indulge in evil acts, and justify them as reasonable within their own twisted argument of logic.

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