The harms internet cause for us

Internet and cyber awareness
Over the years, the rampant and tremendous increase in crime due to internet and cyber awareness has continued  go escalate and eat deep into the soil of our family social life. it has escalated in the sense that the values and norms of the family have been, for many years neglected to the core.
Internet and cyber crimes ranging from fraud, hacking to pornography have become the verso and recto of family social life. All these cyber crimes have caused a lot of problems and vulgarities in the family and society at large.
Explanation of this terms
Any the beginning of any discussion, key terms should be elaborated on. That is why I will begin by giving a proper and precise definition to each of the terms….
Internet is an international computer network connecting to other networks and computer around the world while cyber means connected with electronic communication network especially the internet . we are going look at few category of cyber crimes committed by both youth and adults.
Fraud: fraud is the crime of deceiving people in order to get money. This crime is now widely practiced and made easy through the use of electronic communication network . thus people see fraud as a medium for earning money by duping people and deceiving them ..
Hacking : hacking means to secretly find a way of getting information from someone else’s computer or changing information on it. This is one of the worst of the cyber crimes because once a hacker hacks into a system he or she will have all the important information in that system to his or her advantage..

Phishing : this is the act of using email messages to get someone’s personal information from the internet users.

This days, all digital devices including computer , smartphone and tablet are all connected to the internet. They can be viruses

Prevention of cyber crimes

Using of strong password : try and make sure your password is complex, so it won’t be quite easy to be quested by anybody at all. A combination of 10 ten number, letter and symbols will go a long way. Don’t repeat the same password on different site

Effect of cyber crime 

Financial damage

Any victims of cyber crime suffers from a very big financial loss . the psychological damage caused by these losses can be considerable, especially in the cases of begin a romantic relation with the victim online

Victim and expert are concerned about police facilities

According to the victim and expert’s, the police are inadequately equipped to fight this online cyber crimes. The victim are always frustrated because they are not giving any chance to make any official report.

Victims fear the consequences long after the offence

Images can be posted online, for example, during sexting, threatening or stalking. Such images can be widely disseminated at an enormous rate, becoming visible to a practically unlimited group of people. Because they are involved it


Internet and cyber awareness is like the metaphor of the two faces of a coin. One can easily choose to use them for ingenious works and it benefits the whole society or for crimes and the become a cankerworm to the social web of the family and the society.

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