Environmental sanitation:Our health Our wealth


Environmental sanitation : our health, our wealth
All around the world today, wealth has become a commodity that many seek to acquire. People consider it a treasure and cherish it fondly. Both the adult and the young want to become rich. Health is even more treasured and sought after. Many would really prefer good health to all the wealth you can imagine. However, a significant percentage especially in our country would think otherwise.
Sanitation in Nigeria is no longer of primary importance to many nowadays. people care less of what causes illnesses of the people infected and their fate. in retrospect, one can recall what was obtainable in the past years. as the poor level of sanitation increases, diseases are continuous spreading, through many ways and various vectors. To remedy the situation and care can be revived in Nigeria through these means
Health Education : health education can be conducted by various health organization, individual etc. to teach both the children and the adults on the basic steps for health upkeep.
Waste Management: also waste product around corners if the streets should be treated properly to avert spreading of various disease
Purification of water: water should be given rapt strict attention to prevent diseased that spread through contaminated water. It would be advisable to always boil
Personal hygiene: personal hygiene should be practiced and taught in homes and schools by the parents and teachers.

Environmental pollution : this is one of the serious global challenge which can be caused wild – type organism that had slow degradation rate of hazardous material . they cab be replaced as an obstacle to the economical exploitation of coal deposit in industrialized countries like Nigeria , Russia and other countries they have rules of protection of the environment are stricter than in developing countries

Sanitation: it is defined as the condition related to drinking clean water and proper treatment and disposal of human feces and sewage

A good Sanitation system includes the capture , storage ,transport ,treatment, and disposal or recycle of human excreta and dirty water.


by preventing human contact , with feces is part of sanitation like washing our hand with soap.

Diem disease like diarrhea,a main cause if malnutrition and stunted growth in children it can be prevented through proper sanitation. People involved in sanitation like washing, cleaning and maintaining at any sanitation chain are called SANITATION WORKERS


For any social and economic development proper sanitation are in good terms with good hygiene and safe water are essential to good health. The lack of adequate Sanitation maybe caused by poverty. Sanitation is a necessary for a healthy life.


Temperature change: this has much impact on existing sanitation service in several ways;

Water services: can lead to greenhouse gas emission and they are supposed to reduce those emission.

Flood service: this is also another service that leads to poor sanitation cane needs to be reduced to the carrying capacity of water receiving waste water in other to maintain a proper sanitation to every individual in the community
Our Health, our wealth

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