Understanding your purpose in life , some people don’t have an actually dream about there self. They have random things instead of focusing on one dream and pursue it without relenting then making it with that particular dream but people will be moving from one thing to another thereby wasting their time and energy even there money
DESIRE: is an inward motivational power that propels
D- direct your mind and thought toward your dream
E- express an unusual feeling toward your goal
S- suppress every distraction from friends and object on your path
I- ignites tour zeal
R- realize all your aspiration
E- Encompass all views of failure
DETERMINATION: is a resolute decision in a direction to a curtain and a firm resolve.
DISCIPLINE : is a key to result, greatness begins with a life of discipline,it will help you spend your time prudently .
DILIGENCE : Diligence is the force that propel to keep working steadfastly until the desire result is achieved
Good luck in your endeavor

Life is made up of a lot of infinite amount of choices. Most decision such as what you will eat for lunch today, they maybe small and slightly impact but trust me its the biggest decision. They maybe tough to make but allow it happen

Rather than procrastinate in fear of making the wrong decision, weigh your option and act on the the best one

Decision consequences of quote

In this life, choice are inevitable even thou they start small, when we age then we will understand the monumental choices that have the power to shape the courses of our everyday life will say you truly understand the choices you make each days in life. If you have never really considered the outcome of the action or choice you take, you will understand after reading these quotes about choices .

*you can change your life the moment you make a new, committed and congruent decision

* this life presents you with so many decision a lot of times, they are in front of your face and they are really difficult and hard and we must make them

* life is full of difficult choices and every bit of choice you make makes hard life

* hard choices , easy life , easy choice , hard life

In every moment we can pick a new direction, how to act, how to react, how to know others mood, as well as how these decision will affect you and the people around you

People who make poor decision and hang onto their negative thoughts or emotions has this squeaky wheel syndrome : this is when someone makes the most fuss like noise or acts to get note attention from people around him . in all you do, it all has or posses her consequences. This inspiration is more through deeds and action rather than just the words.  Nothing happens to your future unless you choose to act especially now that you are still young . Change happens in the moment, not over time .. So when you make the right choose better do you

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