5 VIRTUES SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE SHOULD IMBIBE..the fourth one will shock you


Virtue has to do with good moral qualities or general quality of goodness in people. Virtue is the behavior or attitude that display high moral standards.
Student need to posses good moral qualities in order to be acceptable and to positively influence one another.
1 FEAR OF GOD : this is a kind of virtue a student or anybody should imbibe in order to be prosperous in life. The Bible made it clear to us in Ecclesiastes chapter 12vs 13 ” the end of the matter, all has been heard, fear God and keep his commandment for this whole duty of man” ..
2 Discipline : this means the practice of training yourself to control things around you ..the way you eat, talk, dressing and relationship with people and handling matters.
3 Diligence : this means showing care and effort in your work or duties . Maximize every opportunity you are given
4 Determination: this is the quality that makes you continue trying to do something even when it is difficult or not yielding the desire result.
5 Honesty: the saying ” honesty is the policy” simply means that it is good to be honest. An honest person should be trusted no matter what .

Patience : patient is a high moral standard when it comes to virtue.

When things get uncomfortable in life, patience is an virtue and it will help you deal with the discomfort in a way that is best suit your life and the people around you.

Patience as a virtue exercise self control that show you how to handle time when time gets tough, it will show if you have high moral standard in life. The bottom line is that being impatient can lead to some real negative things to you and your life including people you love


Making decision that will make you poor and also affect your Happiness.

It will waste your time.

It will affect your life with negative thing

It can also put your life in danger.


Success is clear: being patience means that you can be enduring and staying in something for a long run without giving up. An example , are workers who patiently does work needs to be done during crisis they commit there time and effort to make sure things return to the normal position .

You don’t make people feel bad: in this cases it requires self control. No matter hoe emotional imbalanced you are, make sure people within. You are always happy.


Virtues are very important to every human virtue and they are Empathy , compassion, kindness, generosity, loyalty and forgiveness.

PRUDENCE: This virtue refers to the development in the habit of providing all for yourself , your family, your co- workers. And your friends. In this aspect it requires your intelligent and honesty in all you do in order in maximize your opportunities and also minimize you possible threat and also danger.

JUSTICE : This virtue refers to your commitment to the establishment and maintenance of laws in the society that protect the individual and properties.

GENEROSITY: This virtue is when you have freely and generously of yourself to others, whether he or she is a member of the family or an outsider

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