5 Strange Dreams and Goal killers

5 strange dreams and Goal killers


It’s so strange that most people set a goal or perhaps have a dream that gonna pave a way for the future but all of a sudden becomes too weak or reluctant to achieving them, most persons even tend to forget all about the target they’ve placed. This is so sad cause it has cut most persons off from shinning out of the crowd. I believe that whichever goal a man sets for him self has a great impact to him and he’s surroundings in general.

I’ve outlined some major factors that a big goal achiever should beware of :-

*Your Thoughts :-* When it comes to achieving one’s dreams our thoughts can be our greatest weakness. “As a man thinketh in he’s heart, so is he”, in essence, for something to really workout in real life, it should firstly workout in the thought life but unfortunately most persons allows the idea of impossibilities to rule over their thoughts. Our thoughts could limit our capabilities and even go down to stopping us from achieving our goals, if you think it’s really possible then it’s really possible but if you think it ain’t possible then it ain’t possible, there is no two ways about it.

*Friends :-* These are those we call jimmies, family, etc. When you’re surrounded with people who can’t help you lift your dreams or help you convert your ideas to reality then maybe you’re totally screwed if you aren’t strong rooted in your dreams. Most person take advices from friends and allow them to decide what’s really possible and impossible, so a person who believes totally in he’s/her friends might get lost on the long run if actually they aren’t agreeing to your goals and target in life.

*NOTE:-* if you realise that you’re gonna lose motivation at the long run, then you could probably tell someone you are sure that’s would help stire you up. He/she might serve as a catalyst to your goals.

*What You Watch :-* Whatever a man sets he’s eye’s upon has a long way to go determining the target he has for himself. What you watch would either

👉Motivate you

👉Discourage you

👉Make you prospond achieving your dreams

83% of our thoughts comes from what we watch.
You wouldn’t expect the same results in a year time from a youth who watches videos that motivates him every morning to a youth who the first this he does is to reply all unread messages and complete the unfinished movies of last night, No!!! you wouldn’t.
If you really have a target then all you should focused your eyes are on things that’ stirr you up to achieve them.

*Procrastination :-* This is a slow killer of dreams/goals. It grad stops you without you even knowing what’s happening. Alot of people are still in the exact position they were years ago, it’s all because of the popular saying”I’ll do it, I’ll do it” and unfortunately they are still living with that same saying. The rich hit’s it hard immediately cause they realise that procastinating the time to actually do it would only make things worst without you even realising you did.

*Fear of the unknown :-* The main hindrance most persons have when it comes to exploring their dreams is the fear of “what will happen if eventually I startup”. The pressure of fear could ruin anything, individual, state even a nation. Fear as you know is a false realise which if you let it over shadow you, you’re gonna loose the zeal to workout your dreams a reality.

As a goal achiever you should beware of this strange factors if you really want to reach them your Everest’s top.

Are ready to make your dreams come true ???

You may be goal oriented, very friendly and even a dreamer but chances are, despite having all of these great qualities, you are a dream killer. You might kill your child’s dreams, your lover’s dreams and the worst offense of all, you kill your own dreams. Instead of feeding your dreams, you shut them up with fear and dismissal.

It is not really surprising that you squash dreams on a regular basis. You grew up with people killing your dreams. You may not have recognized that your parents, and other people that loved you, were killing your dreams, because they led you to believe that they supported your every whim. They told you you could be whatever you wanted to be. They told you, that when you grew up you could do what you wanted and be the person you dreamed about.

When you expressed your dream of being an astronaut or an actress on Broadway, you may have noticed some strange looks, a raise of an eyebrow or pursed lips. Maybe it was a heavy sigh or even a quizzical, “Oh Really?”. That was the beginning of the mass murders of your dreams.

The ironic part, is that while your parents were killing your dreams, they only wanted the best for you. They started planting seeds about what would be best early on. Of course, you could do and be what you want, but it is probably better to play sports, get good grades, go to a good school, get a good job, wife, house, kids, dog, 401K, WHOA! By the time you come up for air, and by the time you said WHOA, you were knee deep in debt, working extra hours to keep up, surrounded by a big house full of stuff you don’t want, not sleeping great, and all because you are living the dream. Who’s dream was this anyway?

While your parents wanted the best for you, it is very possible that their definition of “best” was a little twisted. It is even more possible that they only had one definition of “best” You see, they wanted you to have MORE than them. More house, more stuff, more money, more travel, more, more more.  Before your parents showed you the way, their parents showed them. After all that brainwashing (with the best intentions) you may not know what’s best either. If you go from “It would be great to…” to “but in reality…” or “I would love it if I could….” to “What am I thinking? I don’t have time for that”, Then you my friend, are a dream killer too.

Like most everything, transitioning from a dream killer to a dream maker starts with awareness. You have to be aware of where you are, where you want to be and why you’ve never taken the steps to get there. If you plan on staying in a bad relationship, bad work environment, a house that you can’t afford or a life that exhausts you, then you have forgotten how to dream. It’s hard to say what’s worse, killing dreams or not dreaming at all. The good news is that it is never to late to dream and dead dreams, can be revived.

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